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       Welcome to Highly Favored African Hair Braiding by T.
located on: 5512 Brentwood Stairs Ste 104 Fort Worth,Texas 76112. (under BRENTWOOD PLAZA sign)

📞 4696273900

$20 non refundable deposit is required and goes toward service.
We work By appointment only !

      We offer the most beautiful African Braids you ever wanted at affordable price and in a very luxurious environment. Have you ever had good hair somewhere you felt it was not safe enough or the customer service was very rude,perhaps not clean and pretty enough? Why are you spending money that you work hard for in a place where you are not treated like you deserve ?
At Highly Favored African Hair Braiding we offer a great job and a beautiful experience meaning that the service will be prompt, nice and in a classy environment because you are worthy. Feel like the Queen you really are! Life is hard enough so when you are ready to spend some money on you, be treated like the Queen you are and in environment that reflects how classy and Fancy you are. If you would like to upgrade your braids/ hairstyle to the next level and keep the same affordable price and for once in a classy luxurious environment call or text us at 4696273900and our team will make you enjoy your experience. We also sell in our store pretty jewelries and purses for you women.
We fix hair within two weeks from the day you had your hair done, because hair grow an inch every two weeks or so. Our Locations redecorated are:

5512 Brentwood Stairs Ste 104, Fort Worth,

Texas 76112.

Text us when you are on your way.
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Our services and Prices:
Senegalese Twist $150 and up
Box braids $150 and up
Kinky twist $150 and up
Micro braids. $150 and up
Faux locks. $170 and up
Dread locks $50 and up
Cornrows. $50 and up
Crochet braids. $120
Sew-in. $70 and up

To schedule a Hair Appointment with us call or text us at 4696273900

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